Petroleum Products

Petroleum Products

Kalyani Trading Company offers a wide array of Petroleum Products that comprises of Bitumen, Urea, Crude Oil like BLCO, etc. We obtain these Petroleum Oil Products from reliable sources who manufacture them from high-tech oil extracting techniques. These Petroleum Products are extensively used in various sectors like road constructions, Jet engines/planes, diesel purposes, etc. We supply petroleum products with the help of allocation holders or end sellers.


Cetane Number, min 45
Distillation, Deg.C
50%, Max
90%(Final Boiling Point), Max
Kinematic viscosity at 20 Deg. C, MM<sup>2</sup>/c (cst) 3.0-6.0
Pour Point, (closed Cup), Deg. C, Min Minus62<sup>o</sup>C
Flash Point, (closed Cup), Deg. C, Max 62<sup>o</sup>C
Sulphur, %, Max 0.20%
Mercaptan Sulphur, %, Max 0.01%
Hydrogen Sulphide abs
Copper strip test passes
Water soluable acids and alkalais abs
Actual gum contain, mg/100cm<sup>3</sup>, max 40
Acidity, mg/100 cm<sup>3</sup>, of Gasoil, max 5
Lodine number, g/100g, max 6
Ash, %, max 0.01%
Cokability of 10% residue, max % 0.20%
Filtration coefficient, max 3
Sediments abs
Water abs
Density at 20 deg, C, kg/m<sup>3</sup>, max 860
Filtration breaking point, deg C, max Minus 5<sup>o</sup>C

 Note : Summer from March to October- (PP-5.0 degrees C) Summer from March to October- (CP-0.0 degrees C) Winter from November to Februar- (PP-10.0 degrees C) Winter from November to February- (CP-5.0 degrees C)

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